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Nursicare Theraupatic Breast Pads

Nursicare Theraupatic Breast Pads
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Reusable therapeutic breast pads for breastfeeding mums to soothe and heal sore cracked nipples. Sterilised and latex free.

Breast is best for you and your baby.

As a natural part of a motherhood, breastfeeding is your choice but swollen painful breasts can force some mothers to have to stop breastfeeding altogether. It shouldn’t have to be painful and susceptible to sores.  Breast milk contains the perfect mix of nutrients, hormones, and antibodies that have been shown to reduce the risk of certain diseases and even promote psychological health for you and your baby.


Nursicare soothes tender, swollen, sore breasts and cracked nipples.

Breastfeeding pads developed by PolyMem, using the same materials that have been proven around the world for over 30 years.

These therapeutic breast pads are an all natural moist healing formulation, latex free with drug-free pain relief to speed up the healing process allowing a more enjoyable and comfortable breastfeeding experience for both you and your baby.


Why Nursicare?

Nursicare are specially designed breastfeeding pads with a super absorbent membrane covered by a printed thin film cover to draw away and absorb milk leakage, preventing irritation and contamination.

Nursicare’s advanced care formula moisturises the skin, soothing swelling and easing pain while allowing the skin to breath, promoting nipple health throughout breastfeeding.  This innovative, advanced care class of wound care can support you to improve the breastfeeding experience.

Nursicare Pad used throughout breastfeeding promotes and maintains nipple health while breastfeeding, New mothers can make breast feeding easier and more comfortable by using Nursicare Pads from the start,  but should be used at the first sign of irritation or nipple discomfort which can often be caused by infant suckling.

Nursicare pads are an absorbent membrane covered by a thin printed film, used to draw moisture away from the irritated area and prevent further contamination. The innovative pad has oxygen and moisture vapour breath ability for improved healing, with many women using the pads to improve the breast feeding experience and completely heal wounds.

Rapid soothing relief

Breastfeeding can become an agonising chore when you’re dealing with constant wear and sores. The therapeutic breast pads developed by Nursicare deliver rapid soothing relief from pain, so you can get back to comfortably feeding your baby in comfort, just as it should be.

Heal sooner

The faster a wound heals, the less susceptible it is to infection. Nursicare pads help to repair irritated and cracked nipples quickly within a clean, healing environment that helps prevent infection and allows the nipple to return to its natural, healthy state. The faster a wound heals, the less susceptible it is to infection.

Safe for you – Safe for your baby

Where mums and babies are concerned, safety has to be a top priority. Nursicare products meet all required international safety standards and our pads have passed all relevant regulatory reviews and clearances in the countries where they are marketed.


How Nursicare Works

Nursicare Therapeutic Breast Pads are made with PolyMem, a unique, drug-free formulation containing 3 components:

  • a superabsorbent
  • a wound cleanser
  • a moisturiser

Used by medical professionals, PolyMem's combination of a superabsorbent, wound cleanser and moisturiser creates an optimal healing environment to accelerate wound healing and reduce pain.

When placed on the sore nipple, the ingredients cooperate in synergy to reduce pain and inflammation and support the healing process.

  1. The pads absorb fluid and gently expand to establish full contact with the wound bed.
  2. The built-in cleanser helps keep the wound bed clean and removes the damaged tissue.
  3. Glycerin, the moisturizer in Nursicare, contributes to an optimal environment to heal the nipples and prevent the pads from sticking to skin.
  4. The unique features of PolyMem combine to make the Nursicare pad not only extremely comfortable, but also help reduce inflammation, thus addressing both persistent and procedural wound pain.
  5. The superabsorbent pulls in fluid from the nipple and locks it into the Nursicare pad, helping keep fluid out of the wound bed.
  6. The external film controls the evaporation process and protects the nipple wound from external contamination.


How to Use Nursicare









1. Wipe your nipple

Prior to first using a new Nursicare pad, the nipple and surrounding area needs to wipe with a cloth – slightly wet with water. The water moisture helps activate ingredients contained in the Nursicare pad to stimulate healing. Keep the skin and nipple wet.


2. Position the Pad

Take the sterile Nursicare pad from the packaging and position it inside your bra, with the printed label facing outwards and plain side touching your nipple. Centre the pad over the nipple area.


3. Nurse your Baby

Once the time comes to pump or nurse, remove the pad and place it onto a clean surface, ensuring the unlabelled side facing up.
Before nursing or using a breast pump, wipe the breast clean with a cloth or towelette moistened with water or the mothers’ milk.


4. Reuse

Nursicare has developed special disposable pads, designed to be used multiple times. When finishing breastfeeding or pumping, simply reapply the pad back into position.


5. Change the pad

Over time the pad becomes saturated, the liquid held inside will become visible through the labelled side. Dispose of the pad before the fluid reaches the edge. Usually you only have to replace pads every few days, but each mum is different. Check each time the pad is removed for feeding or pumping.

Note: Please do not wash pads as it can remove the vital ingredients within.




Q. Is Nursicare safe for babies?

A. Nursicare pads have met appropriate international standards for safety and effectiveness.  Nursicare pads have passed regulatory review and clearance in all the countries where marketed. PolyMem products have been used for over 25 years safely and effectively.


Q. Is there a need to wash the nipple prior to breastfeeding?

A. Although Nursicare pads and materials are safe, health authorities advise wiping all substances off the nipple prior to breast feeding.  Simply wipe the nipple gently with a moist cloth.


Q. Is it recommended to use other products or treatments in combination with Nursicare to treat the nipples?

A. Nursicare pads contain all the necessary ingredients to reduce pain and heal the wound. Therefore there is no need to add
any other treatments. Topical treatments are not needed in conjunction with Nursicare.


Q. If I don’t feel any pain relief after 24 hours, what should I do?

A. The soothing ingredients in Nursicare pads are released when the pad absorbs fluid. In case the pad didn’t absorb any milk from the breast and remained “dry”, it is recommended to slightly moisten the nipple with breast milk or water. (See instructions for use).


Q. How long should I keep using pads to prevent pain? 

A. Mothers may continue to use Nursicare pads as long as desired, provided they change the pads as instructed.
Please read the instructions for use inside the box before using the pad.


Q. The pad becomes saturated with fluid very quickly. What should I do?

A. Nursicare pads have a high absorption capability. The pads can be used for several days until saturated with fluids. In most cases the serious ‘dripping’ (called reflux) happens during breastfeeding. Therefore, it is recommended to remove Nursicare pads from both breasts while breastfeeding. This step will prevent fluid from saturating the pads. (See instructions for use). The milk dripping rate varies from mother to mother.





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