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Ultimate Parotid Saliva Control

NeoDrys Save You Money
Stop wasting money on pads and rolls that either fall apart or get saturatedquickly. When you add up the reduction in botched procedures and wasted time — NeoDrys cost less!

NeoDrys Outperform the Competition
NeoDrys advanced inner core traps moisture quickly toprovide a superior dry field. No messy leaks, even with the core fullysaturated. Its moisture-proof backing protects the cheek from abrasion andbounces light into the working area. Our patented Comfort Edge® eliminatesstiff abrasive material that causes patient discomfort. Absorption, protectionand comfort make NeoDrys far superior to any otherproduct on the market.

·        No loose fibres left behind that need to becleaned out of the oral cavity.

·        Saves time by protecting procedures frommoisture contamination from the parotid gland for up to 15 minutes.

·        Super absorbent core—far outlasts messy cottonrolls and other absorbent pads.

·        Complete coverage of the parotid orifice andentire buccal mucosa with a non-cutting comfortable poly barrier.

·        Cheek retraction facilitates work far back inthe oral cavity.

·        Flexible, tapered design accommodates cheekmovement.

·        Comfort Edge® provides maximum patient comfort.

·        Stays in place yet removes easily with waterspray.

·        Reflective backing provides light reflectioninto the oral cavity.

·        Saves money.


Technical Details

ndry diagram

1. “Ouchless” Comfort Edge®
New technology creates flexible edge with no cornerswhile retaining integrity.

2. Gentle to theBuccal Mucosa
Medical-grade poly netting adheres gently to tissue.

3. Super AbsorbentCore
Acrylate polymer retains moisture as a gel when in contact with saliva.

4. Core Stiffener
Poly stiffener insert provides optimum rigidity for cheek retraction.

5. Protective Backing
Choice of Reflective or Original white backing brightens the oral cavity whileproviding cheek protection.


Sizes and Backings

ndry ls

Color-Coded Sizes
NeoDrys are colour coded for quick identification.Available in two sizes: Large (blue) and Small (yellow). Packaged in convenient easy-to-handle packs of 50 each.

ndry backing

Choiceof Backing
Available in Reflective light-enhancing, mirror-like finish or Original whitebacking.


ndrys instructions

Methodof Application
Select NeoDrys size which adequately covers thebuccal mucosa.
Insert as shown 

(1)   with colour side against cheek and

(2)    point to back ofmouth. 

In a few seconds, NeoDrys willbegin to adhere to the tissue and stay in place. 

(3) To remove withoutirritating tissue, release adhesion with ample water spray to the buccal sideof the NeoDrys.


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