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Estelite Medium Flow PLT 0.2g

Estelite Medium Flow PLT 0.2g
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Estelite Universal Flow Medium

Resin Based Restorative Material

·         High Versatility

·         Less Slumping

·         Less Running



·         Excellent color matching

o   High light diffusion

·         Excellent polishability & Gloss retention

o   Supra-nano spherical filler

·         Good handling

o   Easy extrusion

o   Non-Sticky

o   3 Flowability line-up

·         Superior physical properties

o   RAP technology



Recommended Cavities

·         Class I

·         Class II

·         Class III

·         Class IV

·         Incisal Margin

·         Deep Class V Wedge-shaped Defects

·         Shallow Class V Small Cavity



·         12 Shades

·         CE, BW, A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, A5, B3, OPA2, OPA3, OPA4

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