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Tokuyama Universal Bond Kit

Tokuyama Universal Bond Kit
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Tokuyama Universal Bond


Tokuyama Universal Bond is a two-component (two-bottle) self-cured dental adhesive system, high-performance for both direct and indirect restorations. When defining universal bonding agents, manufacturers are referring to one or more of the 3 parameters that The Dental Advisor listed in “Universal Bond definition – Vol. 30, No. 02 March 2013”. However, no universal type products meeting all these three requirements are commercially available, and products meeting only one or two of these requirements are also referred to as universal.
Tokuyama Universal Bond is the only product satisfying all the three application requirements.



·         Direct anterior and posterior restorations with light-curing, dual-curing, and self-curing composite materials

  • Intraoral repair of composite restorations, porcelain fused to metal, metal, and all-ceramic restorations without an additional primer
  • Cementation of indirect restorations and veneers when combined with light-cure, dual-cure, and self-curing resin cements
  • Bonding of core build-up made of core build-up materials
  • Bonding of denture resin to metal base, clasp or attachment
  • Repair of denture with metal base, clasp or attachment
  • Bonding of opaque resin to a metal base in the fabrication of resin-faced stainless steel crowns



  • Self-cured; no need for light curing
  • No need to wait after the application
  • No need for activator or primer


  • Compatible with all the etching techniques
  • Compatible with light, self and dual curing composite materials
  • Compatible with prosthetic materials in ceramics, zirconia or metals


  • High adhesion values on different tooth substrates (enamel and dentin)
  • High adhesion values on prosthetic materials
  • Innovative technology designed by Tokuyama

Instructions For Use

  • Keep the bottles as vertical as possible dispensing the drops in the mixing pad
  • In general, the best performance of universal adhesives is obtained with the Selective Etch technique (enamel selective etching), so we recommend using Tokuyama Etching Gel HV
  • In case of non milled enamel, we recommend using Tokuyama Etching Gel HV
  • In the stiff plastic well the application time is 1 minute after mixing (suggestion: for direct restorations)
  • In the disposable well, narrower and deeper, the application time is 3 minutes after mixing (suggestion: for indirect restorations)
  • The oxygen inhibiting the more superficial layer of the adhesive disappears after applying the composite and therefore Tokuyama Universal Bond perfectly completes its curing (Contact Cure)

Tokuyama Universal Bond Kit Contains:

  • Tokuyama Universal Bond A/B, 5+5 ml
  • 1 Mixing well
  • 5 disposable mixing well
  • 25 disposable applicator (fine)


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