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Gleco Trap System 64oz - 1.89L

Gleco Trap System 64oz - 1.89L
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Invented by a plumber, the 64 oz. Gleco Trap System brings revolution to the age-old chore of sink trap retrieval and plaster trap maintenance. No more leaky bags or bulky buckets!

The Gleco Trap is an innovative, inexpensive solution to messy, hard-to-use sink traps. Gleco Trap provides you with an economical plumbing trap that is easily installed and maintained. The Gleco Trap is connected below the sink and collects solids in a bottle. When the solids reach the fill line on the bottle, the excess water in trap is drained through a valve, the bottle is exchanged with a replacement bottle, the valve shut and the trap is back in service. Bottle exchange is rapid and done without the need of tools (less than 2 minutes!). Most of all, there is no mess and minimal chance of water spillage.


·         Adapts easily to existing plumbing, wherever there is a p-trap (U-shaped joint).

·         Smaller bottle means less odors generated in, and emitted from, the trap.

·         Translucent bottle enables you to see the contents of the trap at any time.

·         The fill line easily and quickly shows when the trap needs to be serviced.

·         Drain valve allows for all the water above the bottle to be drained prior to removal, eliminating spillage.

·         Replacing the bottle takes less than 2 minutes, from start to finish, with no tools, no spillage, and no risk of coming into contact with the solids contained within The Gleco Trap.

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