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Sensor Flaps X-ray Foam Tabs

Sensor Flaps X-ray Foam Tabs
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Cushioned Bite Tabs 1 1/8 inches long

·        Efficient
Simple, self-sticking foam tabs attach quickly and are easy to position.

·        Exact
Cushioned tab holds film or sensor securely, allows full occlusion and providesvisual reference for accurate placement and alignment.

·        Comfortable
Well-accepted by both children and adults. Soft cushioning, without hardsurfaces, provide the ultimate in comfort.

·        Disposable
Use-and-toss convenience—extremely cost effective too!

·        Made of soft polyethylene foam. 100% latex free.

·        Blue cushioned tab is 1 1/8 inches long.



Flaps are perfect for horizontal or vertical bitewings. Excellent for any periapical, usingparallel or bisecting angle technique. Accommodatesall #0, #1 and #2 film and sensors. Required: snug-fitting sensor protective sheaths!

flapo verthorz flapo postperapical        flapsl horvert Flapsl periapical    

 flapo instructions flaps instruction 
     1.          2.                         1.              2.

1. Stick the Flaps to the back of the film or sensorfor the desired position.

2. Position film or sensor. Tongue presses against backof film or sensor and teeth bite into center of theFlaps.


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