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Opal High Level Disinfectant

Opal High Level Disinfectant
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Opal® is an Ortho-Phthalaldehyde (OPA) based high level disinfectant that features a reuse period up to twice the length of competitors.* Opal® is suitable for manual disinfection of compatible semi-critical medical and dental devices and automated reprocessing of Endoscopes and accessories. With the same contact time and temperature for manual disinfection and automated reprocessing.


Value For Money

OPAL® has a use life of twice its competitors. This means that you can get twice as much use out of one bottle of OPAL® compared to other OPA products on the market.


Faster Disinfection Times Increase Productivity

The 6-minute contact time with OPAL® at 20 ̊C for both manual and automated reprocessing means faster turnaround times. While other OPA’s have a manual reprocessing contact time of 10 minutes, the contact time for OPAL® saves time! That means more devices are

reprocessed faster and facilities can do more procedures.



Reprocessing of Endoscopes and Accessories. With the same contact time and temperature for manual disinfection and Automated Reprocessing, Opal® provides fast turnaround time for endoscopes. ARTG No: 206575.


·         6-minute contact time

·         Used at room temperature (20°C)

·         Effective against a wide array of micro-organisms

·         Up to 28 day use-life

·         Available for manual disinfection

·         Ready-to-use, no mixing or activation required

·         Contains: Ortho-Phthalaldehyde 5.7g/L

·         Minimum Recommended Concentration (MRC) is 0.35% OPA as determined by OPAL® Test Strips

·         Shelf life is 24 months


*When the product is decanted from the bottle.

Opal® has changed colour from light yellow to green.


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