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Incontrol Nitrile Gloves

Incontrol Nitrile Gloves
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Unique Cuff-First dispensing system reduces the risk of cross contamination

Clinical infection control advantages of Cuff First single glove dispensing.


·         Extensive trials show this system reduces cross contamination by 96%

·         Pull tab opening prevents contamination of the dispensing slot

·         Once in the wall dispenser, users never need to touch the box

·         Users cannot touch other gloves in the box

·         Those areas which come into contact with patients -the palm and fingers of gloves - are never touched

·         Greater protection from air born infection, aerosols, etc.  and reduced degradation as gloves are not exposed to light or sun Speed and ease of use

·         Unique easy tab opening presents first glove ‘cuff first’

·         Speed of putting on is improved by 50% as each glove is presented cuff first and flat Economical, No Wastage

·         Gloves dispensed one at a time for zero wastage

·         No gloves can be put back in the box

·         Compact wall holder saves valuable space and keeps box away from infected surfaces



It only takes one unclean hand to infect a traditional glove box.

With traditional glove boxes:-

·         Hands hold the box to tear open the slot. Unclean hands will immediately contaminate the box

·         Gloves can be contaminated when pulled from an infected box NHS Hospital Study Sept 2009

·         The dispensing slot faces upwards or sideways - contamination from the air can settle on the gloves and dispensing area of the box

·         Boxes are often left on work surfaces and trolleys open to contamination from the local environment

·         Gloves are usually touched on the fingers and palms when pulled from the box - those areas which come in to contact with the patient

·         Gloves tend to clump together and dispense randomly and in multiples, creating wastage

·         Gloves often fall on the floor and contaminated surfaces; and may then be stuffed back in the box in a highly contaminated state

·         Putting on time is slowed by inconsistent random vending of gloves

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