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DI-15 Advanced hearing protection

DI-15 Advanced hearing protection
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Patented technology designed especially for the dental environment - Recommended by Dr Sam Shamardi, DMD.

Dentistry canPERMANENTLY damage your hearing!

The DI-15ear-plugs have been specifically developed to protect against damagingfrequencies and sound levels generated by high speed hand pieces, suction units,ultrasonic scalers, lab equipment and other equipment found in all dentalpractices.

The DI-15automatically switches to protection mode when it detects damaging sound levelsor frequencies, suppressing the sound input levels to the ears and preventingirreversible hearing loss. When the damaging sound or frequency stops, the earplug switches back to passive mode allowing for speech and other sounds to beheard clearly.



·        Maintains100% natural communication; sounds remain clear with no muffling likeconventional earplugs

·        High-definitioncustom electronic circuit; advanced technology

·        Small,lightweight, hardly visible and easy to use

·        Madein the USA by the pioneers of in-ear technology


Noise-induced hearing loss facts:

·        2ndmost common occupational illness/injury

·        Effectsare cumulative over time and exposure: 10-15 years on average

·        Damageis permanent, irreversible and asymptomatic until it’s too late!


Dental Literature Findings:

·        DentalProfessionals have poorer hearing than other health professionals

·        Dentistsand dental specialists have a significant decrease in hearing at highfrequencies in both ears for both genders and all ages over a 15-year period

·        Dentistshave significantly poorer hearing at 4k, 6k, 8k Hz compared to a group matchedfor age and gender


Each Kit Includes:

·        Onepair high-fidelity electronic earplugs

·        Protectivehard case

·        7pairs ear tips for all sizes/shapes including memory foam

·        1pack batteries

·        Colourinstruction manual and cleaning tools



Noise Induced Hearing Loss in Dentistry

Podcast Interview with Dr Sam Shamardi DMD


Hearing Loss in Dentistry Fact Sheet


NZDA Hearing Loss in Dentistry-Fact Sheet NZ


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