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Alginate A-1 alpha Fast Set

Alginate A-1 alpha Fast Set
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Alginate Impression Material



We offer two different types of Tokuyama A-1α based on the curing time : Fast Set(which comes in a blue package) and Normal-Set(which comes in a pink package).  They should be selected based on purpose and patient condition, as well as season and climate.



Curing characteristics for fast-and normal-sets based on water temperature:


1. Working time, 2. Holding in oral cavity, 3. Removable


Incorporating potassium alginate and the effects of Plus Alpha !


A-1α is an alginate impression material which contains 100 percent potassium alginate as the alginate compound. As compared to other alginate impression materials incorporating sodium alginate, the effects of potassium ions help to produce a stronger adhesion with agar and produces a much more precise and smoother surface on the stone model.


Adhesion to agar has become much stronger, thus giving an improved precise combination impression.

A-1α adheres to all agars, thus any agar/alginate combination impression can be performed with confidence.


A comparison of adhesive strength with agar.


Easier to mix.

A-1α mixes extremely well with water, thus allowing it to be quickly and easily mixed into a uniform and fine creamy paste.



Unsurpassed reproducibility.

A-1α's effects of incorporating potassium ions force stone to be hardened precisely on its surface, resulting in the ability to exactly reproduce detailed impressions.



Thin-line(20 microns) reproduction of the surface of a stone (ISO Type 3) surface, SEM 100 times.


Available for all kinds of stones.

With A-1α there is no fear of surface dilapidation, and a smooth surface can be attained not only with stone (ISO Type 3) but also with stone (ISO Type 4).




Other characteristics.

Elimination of Patient Discomfort
As is the case with our line of alginate impression materials, A-1α also does not flow into the patients' throat during impression because of its viscous nature. Along with its fresh mint smell, impressions can be made with more comfort.

Extremely Precise Impression
A-1α has a very low permanent strain, and only minute dimensional changes during storage, thus impressions remain precise and unchanged for a long period of time.

Rubber-Like Elasticity
A-1α has a high tensile strength and high elasticity, thus impressions will maintain their original form when you remove them from the undercut and others.

Advanced Dust-Free Quality

Because of A-1α's advanced dust-free quality, the working environment remains clean.

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