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SS White Carbide FG Bur (On Clearance)

SS White Carbide FG Bur (On Clearance)
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Please note: these items are on clearance. No backorders. Only available while stocks last. First in first served.

SS White carbide burs are two-piece construction process of a carbide cutting welded to a steel platform and a shank. The burs are produced in various shapes for wide-ranging clinical applications. The shapes and their suggested clinical applications are as follows.

Inverted Cone Burs

Inverted cone burs are used primarily for producing undercuts at the junction of the pulpal floor and lateral walls in occlusal (Class I), cervical (Class V) cavities, and in the occlusal locks of the Class II cavities. Inverted cone burs are also useful for flattening pulpal and gingival walls. SS White blades are slightly rounded at the corners as an added protection against chipping and to give slightly rounded angles in keeping with adhesive guidelines.

Pear-Shape Burs

This shape may be used for much of the preparation of conservative to moderately large occlusal cavities and also for Class III interproximal cavities in anterior teeth. SS White burs will produce rounded internal line angles and occlusally convergent lateral walls for conservative preparation in premolars and molars.

Round Burs

Popular for the preparation of conservative single surface cavities. Medium sizes may be used for interproximal cavities in anterior teeth (Class III). Additional applications include root canal access both anterioly and posterioly.

Straight / Flat End Cross-Cut Fissure Burs

These SS White burs may be used wherever straight parallel sides and flat floors are desired. Some applications are: establishing of initial outline form, gaining access to carious dentin and preparation of lateral walls

Straight / Round End Plain Fissure Burs

The combination of a round head and straight fissure avoids the necessity of changing burs for the two operations of enamel penetration and side cutting. Ideally suited to the preparation of minimal occlusal fissure (Class I) cavities in premolars and molars. An additional feature is the development of rounded internal line angles which increases the dispersion of mastication forces.

Tapered Burs

Whenever taper is required on cavity walls, such as for inlay or onlay preparations for cast gold, ceramic, or composite resin, SS White taper-fissure burs will accurately cut with a fine degree of divergence and facilitate the avoidance of undercuts.

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