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SS White Trim & Finishing Bur SE3-10

SS White Trim & Finishing Bur SE3-10
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Carbide 10 bladed finishing burs for composite restorations.

The Endo Safe End instruments are available in 2 sizes (1.4mm and 1.8mm) and are designed for lateral endodontic access enlargement without the risk of penetrating the pup chamber floor.

The safe end tip will prohibit the access from getting deeper but will allow for lateral expansion.

Adequate access is essential for successful endodontic treatment. A straight line to the canal system is optimal. Without adequate access, instruments and materials become difficult to handle properly in the complex root canal system. The end result of proper access cavity preparation should consist of the following:

·         Achieve straight-line access to the apical foramen or to the initial curvature of the canal

·         Locate all root canal openings

·         Conservation of healthy tooth structure

1. Initial Endodontic Access

Use appropriate sized round carbide operative burs (FG #4, FG #6 etc.) or appropriate sized Great White® round burs (both standard and surgical length shanks available) to access the metal coping material.

If endo access is through a PFM crown, penetrate the porcelain with a round diamond and then switch to a Great White® round bur to access the metal coping material.

2. Enlargement of Endo Access to Gain Straight Line Access to All Canals

This must be accomplished without penetrating the floor of the pulp chamber.

The Endo Safe End instrument will cut only laterally and not apically to prevent perforation of the furcation area.

The ideal bur for this procedure would be side-cutting only with a safe end (non-cutting) tip designed to prevent ledging the SS White® Endo Safe End burs.


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